Tuggers / Dock N' Locks

Tugger & Dock N’ Lock AGVs

The Fori Tugger & Dock N’ Lock AGVs are high capacity tow vehicles designed to replace fork lifts or standard manned tug vehicles for material handling. The Tugger AGV is capable of transporting payloads up to 35,000 lbs. The Tugger & Dock N’ Lock platform is designed to accommodate existing cart and hitch designs, reducing and sometimes eliminating cart modifications required for existing processes. The Tugger AGV is bi-directional and can be upgraded to a Dock N’ Lock which allows for automatic connection to carts.

  • 35,000 lbs. tow capacity / 6,000 lbs. Dock N’ Lock capacity
  • Max speed of 200 feet per minute
  • Magnetic bar, tape or inertial guidance
  • +/- .5” positioning repeatability
  • 48VDC power supply – lead acid and lithium ion available
  • PLC based control system – no black box
  • Onboard safety scanners & bumpers for collision avoidance and protection