Power Plant Refurbishment

Power Plant Refurbishment System

Fori designed, built and integrated four custom automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for a nuclear power plant refurbishment project. The AGVs supplied are responsible for carrying the equipment and tooling required for the refurbishment project. The AGVs are semi-automatic and require input from operators on the vehicles onboard HMI. The vehicles then automatically guide and position themselves for loading of tooling and equipment. The vehicles were designed to the stringent build and electrical specifications required for the operating environment. The system is also required to run 24/7/365. A high duty cycle, lithium ion battery was supplied to meet this requirement.

  • Capacity: 70,000 lbs.
  • Max speed of 100 feet per minute
  • Magnetic bar guidance
  • +/- 5mm positioning repeatability
  • High voltage power supply
  • Lithium batteries
  • Siemens PLC based control system – no black box
  • Onboard safety scanners & bumpers for collision avoidance and protection