Composite Wing Assembly

Aircraft Wing Assembly System

Fori designed, built and integrated over twenty automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for an Aerospace OEM. The (20+) Aerospace AGVs are utilized for an aircraft wing assembly line for the production of large aircraft wing assemblies. Two styles of vehicles were provided, one for spar & panel assembly and another style vehicle for stringer assembly. The vehicles are required to work independently, or in sets of two or three. The synchronization of up to (3) vehicles is accomplished through the use of a wireless communication tether, which allows for synchronization of the onboard Siemens safety PLCs. The vehicles are also required to synchronize the lift and level of the 100’ components within +/- 5mm over the length of the tooling. A Vehicle Management System (VMS) was supplied for automated guidance for the (20+) AGVs.

  • Capacity: 120,000 lbs.
  • Max speed of 120 feet per minute
  • Magnetic bar, inertial and natural feature guidance
  • +/- 5mm positioning repeatability
  • Auto-leveling system
  • Three (3) vehicle synchronization
  • High voltage power supply & Lithium Ion batteries
  • Siemens PLC based control system – no black box
  • Onboard safety scanners & bumpers for collision avoidance and protection