Engine Dress System

AGCs for Engine Dress Line

Fori designed, built and integrated over twenty automated guided carts (AGCs) for an Automotive engine dress line. The vehicles were custom designed and built per the end users specifications and standards. The engine dress AGCs utilize induction power and guidance. Induction power eliminates the need for batteries and the associated charging infrastructure. The chassis length of the AGC can be increased to support processes such as chassis marriage or larger assembly applications. The Fori induction AGC has become a standard for automotive assembly and chassis marriage.

  •  Capacity: 1,500 lbs. / 682 kg.
  • Max speed of 120 feet per minute
  • Induction guidance and power
  • +/- 12 mm positioning repeatability
  • Customizable length and width
  • 24VDC architecture with lead acid or lithium ion batteries
  • Siemens PLC based control system – no black box
  • Onboard safety scanners & bumpers for collision avoidance and protection