Suspension Module Alignment

Suspension Module Alignment

Suspension Module Aligners are utilized for pre-alignment of completed suspension modules before automotive final assembly. Measuring and alignment heads locate and secure the wheel corners to move them to curb height. Camber and toe tooling advance to start the jounce process. Upon completion the measuring heads rotate and measure toe and camber, adjustment is completed automatically.

  • Front and rear suspension module alignment with standardized structural design
  • Dynamic measuring under load
  • Designed for flexible part loading
  • Capable of running a variety of suspension modules with large travel & jounce load
  • System allows new product with tooling change for capital re-utilization
  • 60-80 second cycle time and jounce load of 2,000 lbs.
  • Automatic loading via robot and custom end-effector available

Front Module Assembly Systems


Complete Turnkey Systems - from conception to design to production ready – Fori Develops the Process, Engineers the Equipment & Install the System for Production.


Fori offers a wide range of Brake and Rotor assembly systems. Different levels of automation are available, including: manual, semi-auto and fully automatic.


The front / rear corner assemblies can be transferred using Fori’s RGCs / RGVs or conveyor systems.

  • Manual Assembly

    The front / rear corner assemblies can be manually fastener using ergonomic tool lifts and torque tubes.

  • Semi-Automatic Assembly

    Fori has a wide variety of semi-automatic tooling with ergonomic lift assist, torque tubes and other tooling options.

  • Automatic / Robotic Assembly

    Fori designs and builds automatic torques stations and robotic fastening systems. These systems have the ability to fasten a wide product variety.