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  • Caster sweep process incorporated with Wheel Alignment
  • Multiple laser data points & capability to sweep +/- 12° provides for improved accuracy of < 0.10° caster angle repeatability.
  • Capability to measure front caster on multiple vehicles with various tire styles
  • Turning angle tester incorporated into wheel alignment front floating plates, or a stand alone turning angle system can be provided
  • Rotary encoders read to the angle that wheel is turned while operator rotates steering wheel CW to Lock, then CCW to lock.  Designs can be for 30 ° -50 °turning angle capability as per customer specification.
  • A final calculation is made in WA software program to display to final LH and RH turning angle, and to signify if set within specification.
  • For stand alone systems a separate control panel, PC and software is provided for calculating the turning angle and displaying.