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The driver can see on the screen a live view of the rear part of the vehicle. The system indicates in the display the approximation to an obstacle and warns acoustically by small distances between the car and the obstacle. The Fori Unit provides a reference sample (installed behind the vehicle on the hall floor). The rear view camera takes a picture of the sample, and the calibration is independently calculated in the car controller.

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Fori Automation is a world leader in wheel alignment systems. Fori has over 425 installations worldwide supported by a global sales and service network of Fori companies .

This system incorporates the adjustment and socket into one assembly. The socket is shuttled from one location to the other to perform the appropriate task. 

The adjustment socket can be controlled by a nut-runner of servomotor.  In either case the capability for controlling capability is more improved in comparisons to adjustments done manually with operators.

Fori has a several patents for toe set gearhead advances, tie rod guide fork rollers and a single guide fork gearhead with a compliance locking brake.