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  • Aluminum back plate with sound absorbent material  and adjustable reflector targets
  • Horizontal / vertical  positioning system for +/-1mm
  • Special rotating feature that will turn the ACC target screen 90° for vehicle drive-through clearance
  • Control panel interface box mounted near gantry.
  • Calibration laser fixture mounted to wheel aligner master calibration fixture.
  • Verification laser system to verify horizontal / vertical & target  alignment.
  • Direct interface from the Fori wheel aligner PC via the OBDII adaptor for initiating the ACC calibration sequence, and aligning to the wheel aligner thrust angle data. 
  • An estimated cycle time of 15-20 seconds
  • PLS scanner to stop all motion if presence detected.
  • Options

Fori Automation is a world leader in wheel alignment systems. Fori has over 425 installations worldwide supported by a global sales and service network of Fori companies .

This system incorporates the adjustment and socket into one assembly. The socket is shuttled from one location to the other to perform the appropriate task. 

The adjustment socket can be controlled by a nut-runner of servomotor.  In either case the capability for controlling capability is more improved in comparisons to adjustments done manually with operators.

Fori has a several patents for toe set gearhead advances, tie rod guide fork rollers and a single guide fork gearhead with a compliance locking brake.