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The most popular Fully Automatic Toe Set system is Fori’s patented hex adjustment system. This system incorporates the adjustment and socket into one assembly. The socket is shuttled from one location to the other to perform the appropriate task. Powering the motions of the automation can be pneumatics, electric servo or robot controlled. Fori’s unique compliance in tooling allows for various vehicle variation. 

Fori offers a full range of Semi & Fully automatic adjustment tools to fit your product. Fori’s tools can be driven pneumatically or electrically, with full integration to the plants torque data verification & storage systems. The motion of the fully automatic toe set system can be air, electric servo, robotic, or a combination.

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Fori has a several patents for toe set gearhead advances, tie rod guide fork rollers and a single guide fork gearhead with a compliance locking brake.

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    Fori has a several patents for toe set gear head advances, tie rod guide fork rollers and a single guide fork gear head with a compliance locking brake.

    • Decrease in cycle time
    • Reduced work force
    • Increased accuracy & repeatability
    • Increases flexibility by allowing compensation for vehicle variation, X, Y & Z positioning, tie rod or cam bolt angle by vehicle type
    • Allows greater head access by having programmable paths versus straight line or fixed cam paths
    • Decreases cycle time by having close proximity robot pounce positions
    • Robotic toe set eliminates many valves and actuators thus reducing downtime
    • Vision system can be added to locate adjust points and compensate robot position
    • Tie rod or cam bolt adjustment