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  • Headlamp aim pre adjust systems are specifically design to fixture headlamps in perfect parallelism to the X, Y, Z planes.
  • Fixture tooling can adapt to various headlamp styles
  • Headlamps are aligned prior to being installed on the vehicle
  • Automatic screwdrivers are fixture to locate adjuster precisely
  • High speed data acquisition resulting in fast through put
  • Accuracy and repeatability <+/-0.2cm

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Capable of aiming North American, European & Asian Headlamps

High speed image analysis with simultaneous vertical & horizontal adjustment

  • Fast acquisition time
  • Accuracy  <+/-.2CM
  • Servo Positioning Accuracy<+/-1mm
  • Solid state computer
  • Algorithms leverage increase resolution, frame rate and processor speed to improve accuracy
  • Reduces floor space – Open architecture for easy walk thru
  • Digital cameras
  • No Vision Board in PC – Direct E-net PC to Camera
Digital Headlamp Aiming Gantry Style headlamp Aiming In-Floor Headlamp Aimer Pre-Final Assembly Audit Aiming