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Fori Automation has developed and installed hundreds of systems worldwide including digital headlamp aimers. The state of the art system includes the following features:

  • Solid state computer
  • Servo Positioning Accuracy <=/-1mm
  • Aiming Accuracy  <+/-0.2CM
  • No Vision Board in PC – Direct E-net PC to Camera
  • Digital cameras
  • Options for Semi-Auto Smart Screwdrivers to control aiming capability
  • Algorithms leverage increase resolution, frame rate and processor speed to improve accuracy
  • Optional AB Compact Logics or other brand PLC can be included if required
  • Single Door control panel with I/O interface is included for stand alone, or add on to Wheel Aligner
  • Options
  • Features

Capable of aiming North American, European & Asian Headlamps

High speed image analysis with simultaneous vertical & horizontal adjustment

  • Fast acquisition time
  • Accuracy  <+/-.2CM
  • Servo Positioning Accuracy<+/-1mm
  • Solid state computer
  • Algorithms leverage increase resolution, frame rate and processor speed to improve accuracy
  • Reduces floor space – Open architecture for easy walk thru
  • Digital cameras
  • No Vision Board in PC – Direct E-net PC to Camera




Digital Headlamp Aiming Gantry Style headlamp Aiming In-Floor Headlamp Aimer Pre-Final Assembly Audit Aiming

The Fori AGV technology evolved from automated guided vehicles utilized to perform a decking operation at Automotive OEM plants or so called chassis marriage system, which essentially consist synchronizing the AGV with an overhead carrier prior to joining the rear and front suspension along with the exhaust system and the engine to the vehicle chassis. Over the last two decades, Fori Automation was a key supplier of such systems, continues to be in that role, while operating well almost 1,000 AGVs and AGC around the world.

Automotive chassis marriage has widely been accomplished using Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs), Fori recently supplied an induction wire based system for power and guidance in order to reduce plant infrastructure costs and increase long term flexibility.

The AGVs were developed to support lean, automated manufacturing methodology. The design intent was to build a vehicle that was modular and interchangeable. The AGV system can transport a multitude of different tools, all with different weights and footprints.

The Fori AGVs can handle very heavy loads and move components while keeping deflection to a minimum. Multiple AGVs can be tethered ans synced together to accomplish almost any task.

Fori has recently developed a new low cost conveyance solution to replace the bulky and expensive conveyance systems that are normally used within automotive assembly plants.

Fori Automation’s Tugger AGV is a cost effective material handling solution that increases safety and throughput. They have been designed to replace fork lifts to move components throughout the plant safely.

The tunnel AGVs are smaller in stature in order to fit beneath components in order to lift and move them.