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Suspension Module Alignment

In a typical sequence the module is loaded into the machine and lowered onto the fixture. The main center slide lowers down to within 5-10 mm above the body mount bushings. Locking cylinders in the lower fixture raise the module up until the body mount bushings contact the upper locators. The alignment heads locate and secure the wheel corners and move them up to vehicle curb / height. Locking cylinders in the strut / spring locator advance and position the strut / spring in the proper position. Camber and or toe tooling advance and engage the bolts while the alignment heads begin jouncing. The measuring heads can move a total of 9.8 in / 250 mm to simulate vehicle jounce. When the jouncing is complete the measuring heads rotate the corners and measure toe, camber and run out. The camber and toe tooling then automatically adjusts the module to within specification. The measuring heads and torque tools then release and return to their home positions. When all units are home the module is removed either by manual lift assist, conveyor, AGV / AGC or robot.

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System is built to allow new product with tooling change, the only components that require changing are the upper and lower tooling plates that are removed as one unit, which will allow direct capital re-utilization.

60-80 second cycle time / vertical module cycle time & jounce + stroke of jounce pending sequence

  • Jounce load: 2,000 lbs / 910 kg or actual spring force at jounce
  • Programmable servo driven jounce travel - Jounce speed =1 ft per second / 225mm per second
  • Main servo driven center slide maximum travel : 47 in / 1193.8 mm for part load & unload access 
  • Main center slide maximum travel : 47 in / 1193.8 mm 
  • Measuring head servo drive slide maximum travel: 41 in / 1041.1 mm
  • Machine dimensions: 150 x 86 x 141 inches  / 3810 x 2184 x 3575 mm
  • Standardized structural design
  • Three (3) independent Vertical Slides
  • Machine height is adjustable by adding columns, which would allow a conveyor to pass through