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Fori Automation, Inc. is a leader in the custom design, build and integration of Automated Guided Vehicles for Aerospace Drill & Fill applications. Foris Heavy Duty Aerospace AGVs utilize standard, proven assemblies, providing a reliable and robust solution. Fori custom designs the Heavy Duty AGV frame around tooling and load requirements. A Finite Element Analysis is completed on all of our AGV frames to ensure long term rigidity and reduction of deflection.


The Fori Heavy Duty Aerospace AGV pictured was capable of transporting 23,000 lbs. and had to be designed around a strict .03 frame deflection requirement to ensure the drill and fill machine frame did not flex or twist while moving from station to station on the uneven concrete. The Fori AGV was capable of automatically leveling to .004 degrees, having no more than

.005 deflection after leveling. The Fori Auto Leveling AGV also had to be capable of positioning within +/- .005” when docked in the drill & fill stations. Utilizing the Fori Automation AGV to transport the drill & fill machine versus the previous method resulted in improved efficiency, reduced manpower, increased safety and improved cycle time.

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Fori Automation is a world leader in wheel alignment systems. Fori has over 425 installations worldwide supported by a global sales and service network of Fori companies .

Fori Automation capabilities: sales, engineering (mechanical / controls / software), manufacturing, assembly, full system integrator & installation and service on four continents.

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