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A Fori AGV was utilized for a 60’ / 18.3 m long wing assembly build process. The vehicle was 40’ / 12.2 m long and was the strong-back for the tooling and part, minimizing deflection.

The most important item addressed in the project was centered on the tool and part deflection. While moving the custom tooling and part the AGV frame was required to deflect less than 3/16” / 9.5 mm. The vehicle started out as a manual operation and overtime the end user has decided to turn this process into a semi-automated process. The vehicle will track magnetic bar for lateral placement and the operator will adjust speed for the fore-aft travel. Once in front of station the operator will initiate a pre-programmed move and utilize a “hold to run” operation that will locate the tool within +/- 2mm for drop off in station.

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  • Guidance Technology: Magnetic bar / tape
  • Safety:
  • Safety Scanners
  • Safety Bumpers
  • Fail Safe PLC
  • Controls:
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Vehicle management system
  • Full-auto guidance
  • Custom design for customers
  • Custom design for customers preferred process
  • Expansive controls experience allows for seamless Allen-Bradley transition

  Keys to Success

  • Increased process flexibility
  • Decreased infrastructure versus rail guided vehicle
  • System that fits within current skill sets of employees
  • Vehicle management system
  • Magnetic bar guidance
  • Operator work platforms
  • Fori standard chain lifts