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Fori RGCs are utilized for custom assembly systems. RGCs provide a higher level of flexibility versus traditional conveyance systems. Thanks to the simplistic, robust design which contains one spring loaded drive wheel that tracks an above floor rail, the system is both reliable and cost effective. The rail can be easily changed in order to adjust the material handling or assembly layout. The top of the vehicle allows for multiple variants of product thanks to custom pallets that can be swapped out. 

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Fori AGCs are another cost effective option for material handling and conveyance within custom assembly systems. The AGCs are guided with magnetic bar or tape versus the rail utilized by the RGC system. The magnetic bar provides an increase in system flexibility and further reduces plant infrastructure for the assembly system. The AGC systems can be either battery based or Induction AGCs utilizing induction for guidance and power. 

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  • Guidance Technology:
  • Rail Guided
  • Magnetic Bar
  • Safety:
  • Safety Scanners
  • Safety Bumpers
  • Fail Safe PLC
  • Controls:
  • Siemens Controls
  • Rockwell Controls
  • Vehicle management system
  • Full-auto guidance
  • Open controls architecture
  • Safe, Reliable & Flexible Material Handling System
  • Integrated Vehicle Management System for Scheduling and Diagnostics

  Keys to Success

  • Vehicle Management System•Integrated Safety
  • Custom architecture to meet project requirements
  • High accuracy and repeatability Increased process flexibility