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The Fori Dock N’ Lock is a unique AGV product line meant to replace a fork lift or standard Tugger for material handling.

The Dock N’ Lock AGVs offer increased automation versus a standard Tugger AGV.  Whereas a Tugger AGV requires an operator to hitch the transport cart.The Dock N’ Lock AGV is outfitted with latest safety devices to provide  a safe and reliable material handling system. 

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  • Guidance Technology: 
  • Magnetic Bar / Tape
  • Inertial


  • Safety:
  • Safety Scanners
  • Safety Bumpers
  • Fail Safe PLC
  • Controls:
  • Siemens Controls
  • Vehicle management system
  • Full-auto guidance
  • Open controls architecture
  • Safe, reliable & flexible material handling system
  • Integrated vehicle management system for scheduling diagnostics

  Keys to Success

  • Vehicle management system
  • Integrated safety
  • Custom architecture to meet project requirements
  • High accuracy and repeatability