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Chassis Marriage has primarily been a process that has been completed utilizing Rail Guided Vehicles. The result was increased infrastructure and decreased long term flexibility. 
Fori’s main focus for the Chassis Marriage AGVs was to work within each customers respective controls strategy. Thanks to Fori’s extensive experience with both Siemens and Rockwell controls, either architecture can be supported within our Chassis Marriage product line. The Chassis Marriage system utilizes a PLC based vehicle controller, providing an open architecture and eliminating the “Black Box” used by many AGV suppliers. 

The Chassis Marriage AGV systems can be battery based, utilizing magnetic bar guidance or Induction Chassis Marriage AGVs utilizing induction for guidance and power. 

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  • Guidance Technology: Magnetic bar / tape
  • Safety:
  • Safety Scanners
  • Safety Bumpers
  • Fail Safe PLC
  • Controls:
  • Siemens Controls
  • Rockwell Controls
  • Vehicle management system
  • Full-auto guidance
  • Open controls architecture
  • Safe, Reliable & Flexible Material Handling System
  • Integrated Vehicle Management System for Scheduling and Diagnostics

  Keys to Success

  • Fori standard chain lifts
  • Vehicle management system
  • Integrated safety
  • Custom architecture to meet project requirements
  • High accuracy and repeatability